Discounted Mobility Equipment

High Street Mobility Showrooms v’s Online Mobility Dealers

For many disabled people living in the United Kingdom, Acquiring quality mobility equipment on the NHS can be a long-winded affair and daunting. The only other option you have is to visit your local high street mobility showroom and spend a fortune on your desired mobility equipment and also pay for all the showroom overheads at the same time.
But did you know that the same mobility equipment can cost less online and you still have the same assurance and warranty as to the high street!  As an example, a medium-sized 4mph Travel/Boot Mobility Scooter would cost you around £1200 on the high street but at an online retailer like Discount Mobility 4 Less, it would cost you around £550 including Vat Relief and Delivery.
Before you make your next purchase for any mobility equipment or mobility scooters make sure you do your research and get a better deal than on the high street!

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