Family of 4 looking for a VW Campervan.

VW T5 & T6 Campervan Conversions.

You’ll have seen high spec T5 & T6 Campervans coming up online with 150PS this and 4Motion that, but ultimately, for most families, looking for a great campervan to use for many years and create loads of great memories, they just aren’t needed. The mid-range mapping of the standard 2.0 5 speed engine is 102PS, has loads of power to get you up that long hill climbs, overtake quickly when you’re stuck behind something on a country road and cruise at 70mph on the motorway achieving 40mpg.

The 102PS is the most common engine output of all the VW T5’s and T6’, serving thousands of business transporting anything from building supplies to fridge freezers, so if its more than capable of that, then it can sure take you and your family off on your travels with a 250kg campervan conversion.

A Highline VW T5 or T6 comes as standard with a whole host of extras. Aircon, Cruise, Front heated screen, rear parking sensors, driver’s seat armrests. The most common extra that is sought after is Air Con, so people often search only for Highline models, to guarantee that each vehicle they look at will have it.

Camper_Versions purchase 12month old VW T6’s from VW with less than 10k miles on the clock, and complete their Pioneer Conversion with Ultimate pack of extras and create an almost brand new ready to go campervan for £42’000. This is a very high spec’d campervan, with a Highline base model VW T6 with everything you need.

If your budget is around £32’000, a year older Startline or Trendline base model would better suit, but more than likely it wouldn’t have Air Con, although camper_versions do have Startlines with Air Con from time to time. The main point to note is that Air Con isn’t a necessity for campervans in the UK. It’s nice to have, sure, but a vehicle with air-con will be around £3000 more than one without (if it’s the same year and mileage). As camper_versions only sell very high-quality conversions, they only install them onto low mileage VW T5 and T6’s base models, rather than purchasing higher mileage, older Highlines. It’s far more economical to lower the spec of the base van, to reduce the on the road price, rather than sacrifice age, mileage, or spec of the campervan. camper_versions purchase ex-lease Startlines that are 2 years old, still under VW warranty with 20k-35k miles and install their Pioneer Conversion with Explorer pack of extras, creating a ready to go campervan for £33’000. This is also a very high spec’d campervan.

The Explorer pack of extras includes extra windows in the rear, integrated curtains, camper_versions ORIGINAL: products like the Starry Night Ceiling™, Feature Side Wall™ and Sliding Door Table Store™, an 80w solar panel, Reimo awning rail, an Eberspacher diesel heater and swivel seating. For a family of 4, this is more than everything you would need to make your campervan a 5* leisure vehicle.
The Ultimate pack of extras is the same but also has a Fiamma F45 wind-out awning, bike rack, premium front seat upholstery and a TV/DVD player.

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