morecambe woman makes 35k On Property Show

Morecambe woman stars on George Clarke's new £100,000 property TV show

Morecambe woman makes £35K on Channel 4 George Clarke’s Flipping Fast

A woman from Morecambe has the chance to win £100,000 on a new TV property show hosted by popular presenter George Clarke.

Harriet Swan from Morecambe is one of the contestants on the new property series of ‘George Clarke’s Flipping Fast’ on Channel 4 where teams battle it out to win a £100,000 cash prize.

harriet Swan Flipping Fast
Harriet Swan pictured on the new Channel 4 property show Flipping Fast

Harriet, 28, is competing against five other people or teams from around the UK in a battle to see who can make the most profit from buying, refurbishing and selling properties. 

Whoever makes the most profit by the end of the series, wins the £100,000.

Harriet topped the leader board after the first episode, having bought a one-bedroom flat in Morecambe for £67,750, renovated it with the help of family members, and sold it for £99,000, making £18,807 profit after costs were deducted.

“I can’t believe it!” she said.

“I am happy and proud of myself but I do think there’s still a lot to play for.”

The series aired on Channel 4 TV.

It showed Harriet looking at and renovating properties in Morecambe, and on Princes Crescent in Bare (see above, credit George Clarke’s Flipping Fast, Channel 4). 

Harriet, whose maiden name is Muckle, works as a sports journalist and TV presenter.

Flipping Fast continues on Channel 4 on Wednesdays. The programme is hosted by George Clarke, and property experts Scarlette and Stuart Douglas (below). Tune in to see if Harriet can win the £100,000!

Flipping Fast Morecambe Property with George Clark
Harriet Swan pictured on the new Channel 4 property show Flipping Fast

First Published in Beyond Radio By Greg Lambert. Thursday, May 26th, 2022