Student Accommodation Essentials

If you’re heading to university for the first time this September, HOORAY TO YOU FOR GETTING IN!!!    Before you go, it’s worth making a list of all the uni essentials you need to take with you, to your student accommodation Lancaster or beyond. From coat hangers and slippers to a pizza cutter and tea towels: we’ve made a definitive list of everything that will come in handy – besides the obvious clothes/ID/money/etc – for you to tick off as you go.

You have the new frying pan and the cutlery set, but have you thought of these other items every student need?

Student accommodation Lancaster

The anticipation is over! You can stop worrying because, after all of that hard work, your kids know where they’re headed to university. So now you can start worrying about how to fit everything in the car instead

1/. Bedroom essentials

☐ Duvet –
☐ Bedding –
☐ Pillows –
☐ Mattress protector –
☐ Blanket –
☐ Hot water bottle –
☐ Alarm clock –
☐ Lamp –
☐ Small bin –
☐ Doorstop –
☐ Hangers –
☐ Washing basket –
☐ Washing powder –
☐ Fabric softener-
☐ Fold-up airer –
☐ Iron –
☐ Mini ironing board –

2/. Kitchen essentials

☐ Mugs –
☐ Cutlery –
☐ Plates –
☐ Bowls –
☐ Tupperware –
☐ Set of pans –
☐ Wok –
☐ Baking tray –
☐ Chopping board –
☐ Sharp knives –
☐ Tin opener –
☐ Bottle opener –
☐ Corkscrew –
☐ Sieve –
☐ Colander –
☐ Peeler –


3/. Bathroom essentials

☐ Toiletries –
☐ Towels –
☐ Bath mat –
☐ Washbag –
☐ Shower hanger –
☐ Dressing gown –
☐ Flip flops –
☐ Loo roll –
☐ Toilet brush –


4/. Tech
What teenager doesn’t have a smartphone these days! But have you thought about the other essential tech a student might need? Laptops are almost essential for completing university work on-the-go and a printer will stop them having to troop across campus to the library all the time. Your child might want to get some speakers for their room or if they don’t want to disturb their flatmates, invest in some headphones!  You could also want to think about getting them a portable charger – it’ll ensure that your child doesn’t get lost in a new city with no battery on their phone to call a taxi!


So now you are ready to move into your student accommodation, Have you thought of anything else that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments. 

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